Why do I have to login with Facebook?

Logging in with Facebook is the best way to create a safe and trusted network in Trove. This helps you see how you’re connected with buyers and sellers, and also allows us to do some initial leg work to keep spammers out.

We will never post to Facebook without your permission.

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    I don't have a facebook account and don't intend to create one. Bummer...

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    Paul Everitt

    I agree with brainfarts51, Forcing us to sign in with our FB account is totally unreasonable. Why would I want to give you access to all my FB data just to sign up to sell my valuables? Oh I'm sure thousands do, but those are the sheep who have no clue as to the depth of information is being shared here. As a FB advertiser myself, I know just how much data gets passed across the table when one logs in to a website "using your FB account". Sorry, I won't be using or reccommending your service until you change this requirement.

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