How do I make an offer to buy an item?

If you find an item you like, tap the item’s photo to open the detailed listing. On the listing, simply tap the orange Make Offer or Buy Now button to contact the seller with your offer.

Pro-tip: Increase your chances of securing your item by also telling the seller what time you’ll be by to pick the item up!

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    Becky Ramsay Huckabee

    After I click on make an offer it brings up a screen to leave a message. After I enter the amount, the only option it gives me is skip then it takes me to a screen to enter my address so I have tried entering US, USA, United States, United States of America in the country box then I fill out all the other boxes and click submit and every time it gives me an error message saying that I am missing information, the country. I'm desperate to get this item for my husbands birthday gift but I'm afraid this may cause me to loose the item😫 HELP

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