Overview: Selling Items in Trove

When you’re selling items in Trove, you will create for-sale listings in Trove that answer several basic questions:

  • What’s being sold? (title/description)
  • What does the item look like? (one or more photos)
  • How much does it cost? Fixed price?
  • Will you accept cash payments (or only credit/debit payments)?
  • Where is the item located?
  • When is the seller available for buyers to pick-up the item?

Once a listing is live, you will receive notifications of all offers received, and you will accept the one offer that seems most suitable to you, based on price offered, mutual connections, and the buyer’s profile of historical reviews and performance.

When accepting an offer, you will be confirming the negotiated price, payment method (cash only, trove no longer support credit card processing), pickup time, and pickup location. You are agreeing to meet the buyer as noted. The buyer will meet you face-to-face, and after a thorough, final inspection will complete the transaction in Trove.

Also, as Trove is an open website that anyone can register using a Facebook or Google Account (there are a lot of fake Facebook and Google users these days), please take caution when dealing with strangers. 

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