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If you've hit a speed bump in Trove, you can browse our Frequently Asked Questions and other articles on this page, search and add to the forums, or submit a support request from the top right button. Alternatively, you can also email us at 

Please treat Trove like any online service. Due to numbers of requests, we can't provide one on one support to free users. 

This faq is hosted by Zendesk who is a third party service that helps manage support tickets. Feel free to submit requests.  One thing to note though sign up at Zendesk is different than sign up at Trove. 

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    Beatriz A. Brandfon

    Why can't a post a sell? What is code 404? It looks complicate to post thing

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    Hi Beatriz, thank you for commenting. Sorry that you encountered a 404 error. Can you let us know where you encountered the 404 error? Are you using Trove on iOS or Android or on the Web?

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    Jessica Rider

    I see other users posts that state their items are shippable. How do I get my items to say that or can I just not see that when I'm looking at my own posts? I don't see an option when posting to select shipping. Only pickup info. Is shipping figured out between buyer and seller or does Trove provide prepaid labels? Thanks!

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    Michael Guillen

    I too keep getting a 404 page when I try to create a listing- using the web...

  • Avatar
    Nick Lo

    I got the same question as jessicca

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    Tracey Jenkins

    I keep getting emails saying I have a message, but I can't view the whole message. How do I send and receive messages? Nothing is showing up in chat.

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    Shannon McClane

    Same question about how to make my item shippable

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