Why use Trove (http://useTrove.com)?

Trove is the safest and most convenient way to buy and sell from people near you. It's as simple as this:

  • Seller creates listing with pics, price, his/her availability.
  • Buyer makes offer and selects pickup time.
  • Seller accepts offer and reveals pickup location.
  • Buyer and seller meet. Buyer inspects items and releases payment to seller.

We believe the world needs a better way to buy and sell items locally, especially those items where you really want to see, touch, or hold them before making a buying decision. 

Our team is dedicated to making this process better for you so that you can focus on just what's important to you: buying or selling your items. Leave the rest to us. Well wishes, from our home to yours.

Visit our website or download our app.   

Best Regards,

Your Neighbors at Trove

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    Beatriz A. Brandfon

    I hope this is the perfect place to sell and buy

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