Overview: Buying Items in Trove

When buying items in Trove, search for an item you like, and make an offer to the seller, which includes the price you’re willing to pay and a time you’ll pick the item up if the seller has provided his/her availability.

If the seller accepts your offer, the transaction is agreed to and you should meet the seller at the agreed time and location to perform a final review and exchange the item. If you like the item after this final inspection, you should complete the transaction in the Trove app. 

Once the seller receives notification that you have completed the transaction in Trove, s/he can release the item to you.

Pro-tip: Always make sure to perform a thorough final review of your item before completing a transaction. All sales are final!

Also, as Trove is an open website that anyone can register using a Facebook or Google Account (there are a lot of fake Facebook and Google users these days), please take caution dealing with people. 

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