Why do you ask for my credit card when I make an offer?

The reason we ask for your credit card when you make an offer using debit/credit is because we want to assure the seller you show serious interest in the item they’re selling. We authorize your card for the sale price of the item. This is one reason offers by debit/credit are generally stronger than cash offers.

Note: If your offer expires, or is declined by the seller, the authorization will be cancelled and your card won't be charged.

After a seller accepts your offer, you have both agreed to meet and exchange the item (if you are happy with it when you see it). Your payment isn't released to the seller until you perform your final review of the item and press the Complete transaction button in Trove to release the money to the seller. If you don’t like the item in person, simply cancel your offer instead of pressing Complete. We’ll void the charge if it is still pending, but if it is settled, we’ll refund it. The money isn’t released to the seller until you press complete! So you should always feel safe purchasing even if you see a transaction on your credit card. 

Important: Sellers may ask you to press Complete transaction in the app to release the funds before you leave with the item. You should only press Complete once you are sure you are buying the item. All sales are final.

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