Can I get a refund after a transaction is completed?

All sales completed in Trove should be considered “as-is”, final sales, with no returns or refunds. This is why it’s very important for you to check the items you’re buying thoroughly. When paying in cash, don't hand over cash until you're absolutely certain you like the item you're buying.

The transaction is between you and the seller. Trove is just a platform for connection people. 

If you need to contact the seller once a transaction is completed, you can do so by finding the purchased item on the Offers Screen, tapping that treasure and then tapping the Message Seller icon on the top right of the listing screen.

Important: Trove is unable to issue any refunds. Your use of Trove, and acceptance of our Terms of Use, is your consent to this policy.

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    julio barajas

    What if you bought something but didn't get the items because you already bought is it really allowed to just confuse people about a deal that you can buy again but not receive.

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