What is the difference between Cash on Pickup Offers vs. Credit Card Offers?


Credit Card Offers are no longer supported. Trove stopped processing credit card payments. All transactions are cash on pickup. 


Cash on Pickup Offers are buyers saying that they'll pay you cash when they come pick up the item. Trove can't place any hold on the money.  

We want to offer the connivence and safety of Credit Cards to both our buyers and sellers.(Btw, the payment processor used by Trove is the same one used by Uber or Airbnb, and their system is so secure that even Trove never sees your Credit Card number. The number is send directly to the payment processor, and passed to Trove).

We do recognize large set of people are still willing to take cash for peer to peer purchases. So if as a seller, you don't want to accept cash offers, you can turn it offer as you list an item. 





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